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The Dirt King Prefab Bedcage was developed after building numerous custom bedcages. With that experience we've perfected the design for maximum travel and easy installation. The bedcage takes up minimal bed space while not compromising strength. Accessory mounting holes are incorporated into the center section of the cage to mount dust lights and flag whips. The entire kit bolts together and mounts to the vehicle using the factory bed bolts. It can be installed with leaf over or leaf under spring packs. This suspension system is superior to a cantilever suspension system for two major reasons. The first reason is the shock mounts on the bedcage are outside the frame rails vs inside the frame rails for increased stability. The second reason is the shocks are mounted vertically with a motion ratio close to 1:1 allowing for proper dampening through the suspension travel. The cantilever suspension has a higher motion ratio resulting in smaller shocks, difficult to valve properly, and heating up the shocks faster since they have less fluid. The Dirt King Prefab Bedcage is your best choice to increase rear suspension performance while not breaking the bank.



  • Recommend Leaf Pack: Deaver V115 (works with Deaver L84)
  • Recommend Shocks: Fox or King (works with all shock manufactures)
  • Recommend Shock Length: 16" (26" collapsed, 42" extended)
    - works with 14" shocks with extended rod ends
  • Recommended Shock Diameter: 3.0" (works with 2.5"-3.5" shocks)
  • Bypass Tube Layout: Bypass tubes on front and back of shocks
  • Bedcage Shock Mounting Width: 1.5"
  • Axle Width: Requires 2" wheel spacers or 2" wider per side axle (Raptor axle doesn't require wheel spacers)
  • Accessory Mounting Hole Size: 1/2"  

  • Prefabbed bedcage structure
  • Grade 8 mounting hardware
  • Installation instructions


  • CAD designed 
  • Boxed plate and tube construction
  • Bolt on application
  • 2"x.120" tubing
  • 1/4", 3/16", and 1/8" plate
  • Professionally MIG welded
  • Proudly made in the USA


    2015-Current Ford F-150 2WD / 4WD
    2015-Current Ford Raptor 2WD / 4W