RAGO FABRICATION 5th Gen Toyota 4Runner Low Pro Bumper

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The Rago Fabrication Low Profile Bumper is constructed from 3/16" steel. The bumper is low profile and sleek so it flows with the body of the vehicle. It is designed to perform under the worst conditions and when it matters most. 

Our bumper will accommodate a variety of winches such as the Warne Zeon as well as other lower profile winches. Welded into the bumper are 2 D-Rings so you can attach needed cables and recovery equipment to get you out of a bind. Bull Bars are reinforced for the needed protection when going over rough and rocky terrain.  

Included into our robust design is two built in recovery points and the ability to run the Baja Designs S8 30" LED Bar. 

Delivery Options


Commercial Freight - Must have forklift, valid Commercial Address

No Liftgate Residential Freight - Will not have a Liftgate, you will be required to lift pallet from the Freight Truck, recommend multiple people as Driver will not assist. You cannot lift alone! Rago Fabrication or Freight are not responsible for injuries.

Liftgate Residential Freight - Will have Liftgate to remove pallet from the Freight Truck, easiest delivery option to your home!

Tech Specs

No Bull Bar: 89 lbs
Mid-Height Bull Bar: 108 lbs
Full-Height Bull Bar: 115 lbs

This product will NOT work with the 2010-2013 5th Gen 4Runner or the Limited.