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It's here! The long-awaited "Wifey" Air System. Made famous by Al of "sponsoredbywifey" Instagram fame, this kit has all the fittings, couplings, valves, and tubing you need to air up/down 4 tires at once. How cool is that?! 

Combine this setup it with our Rago ARB Compressor Mount, ARB Compressor and Air Mounts and you will soon be ready to hit the trails. (These are not included in The "Wifey" Air System and must be purchased separately)

Complete the build:

Professional installation is highly recommended. This is not the average DIY project and you should have experience and understanding of plumbing and air systems. This kit will take all the guesswork out of sourcing each part. In addition, these parts have been tested to their limits and continue to operate flawlessly. 

NOTE: NO INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS WILL BE PROVIDED. However, you may review the install done by "sponsoredbywifey".

4runner "Wifey" Air System Layout

Tacoma "Wifey" Air System Layout